Yarin Shahaf School for Beauty Professionals

Makeup Course

Have you always dreamt of providing makeup for TV productions and magazines? You keep hearing bridal and evening makeup is the right thing for you? Now you can take on the Israel's leading and most comprehensive professional beauty courses!

Yarin Shahaf School of Beauty Professionals provides professional courses that will prepare you to become a successful, leading makeup artist in Israel. The various makeup courses will enable you to acquire the know-how and tools that will let you realize your dream to work in the most colorful and enjoyable profession.

Styling Course

People tell you that you have style? You have always advised the guys on what to wear? The unique and enriching styling course was constructed especially for those interested in developing their personal career or expanding the range of beauty services they provide for their customers. The school's styling course was constructed with comprehensive thought and comprehension of the Israel beauty business requirements. The styling lessons are taught by Israel's leading stylists and designers, including diverse content, from styling for private customers to styling for fashion and magazine articles.

Hairdressing Course

The hairstyling courses are designed for those interested in bridal hairstyling, productions and advertising. The curriculum in these courses is focused on styling hairdos and does not require prior professional hairdressing knowledge. The courses are designed for hairdressers, makeup artists and beauty professionals.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Course

The new beauty world places particular emphasis on creating a perfect total look and gives attention to both large and small details. As part of this trend, different eyebrow and eyelash styling techniques have gained great drive and become an inseparable part of every woman's everyday care routine.

Yarin Shahaf School offers a large array of professional courses dealing with fashion and beauty and now also provides the most comprehensive and innovative eyebrow and eyelash styling courses in Israel. If you wish to become professional in the most successful areas in demand in the beauty world, or expand the service base you offer your clients – we invite you to make your dream come true and become part of the next hottest thing today.